• AP Precision Metals, Inc

    AP Precision Metals, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Lane Litke and Victor Miller out of a necessity for reliable metal products for their growing robotics company, Arc Products. Thanks to that focus on quality and reliability, AP Precision Metals has dramatically expanded its customer base. Today we still retain our founding principle: to be a stable, long-term, precision metal fabricator for small and medium sized business in the region.
    Many of our employees have been with us since the very beginning. A generous profit sharing model and a focus on regular training has allowed us to take many employees from unskilled labor to high-paid technicians. We take pride in the customers we serve and just as much pride in the health and success of our team and their families.


    AP Precision Metals is based in San Diego and serves many Southern California businesses with international customer bases. While many of our competitors have moved some or all of their fabrication jobs to Mexico for increased profit margins, we’re proud to continue providing both high-quality jobs to San Diego residents and the highest quality products to American companies.

    Employee Retention

    AP Precision has virtually zero employee turnover. Our family ownership and work environment are at the core of our success. A generous profit sharing model guarantees that employees are directly tied to the company’s growth. The entire team has a personal stake in the quality of the parts we produce, the success of our customers, and the long term success of our company.

    Industry Partners

    AP Precision sources its materials and outside services from highest-standard American and Southern California companies. We confidently stand by the quality of our products and the materials put into them.